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High pressure flushing constructions

High pressure flushing constructions - mobile as flushing vehicles, stationary as a local device, transportable

Our Kroll High pressure flushing constructions are mulifunktionale high-pressure systems, which not only impress with their high-quality processing, but also by their ease of use.
The optimal price-performance ratio and versatility make our High pressure flushing constructions for economically viable investment.

■ Pipe cleaning, hydrodynamic
■ sewer cleaning, hydrodynamic
■ surface cleaning
■ container interior cleaning
■ Industrial cleaning
■ Water milling

■ Size: according to customer requirements up to 20,000 liters
■ Shape: cylindrical, oval, rectangular
■ material: steel, stainless steel, plastic with manhole
■ Water-filling
■ content indicator with sight glass
■ Rest drain etc.

■ high-pressure pump, manufactured as desired (URACA, Hammelmann, Speck, Woma, Kamat, Pratissoli etc.)
■ Number: 1 or 2 pieces
■ flushing: up to 600 l / min. up to 250 bar
■ pneumatic pressure control valve
■ Print speed controller
■ Drive from PTO of the truck or via a separate motor

■ Large high pressure rinsing reel with variable speed hydraulic Driving in both directions;
■ Large high pressure rinsing reel fixed or swivel on Closing floor or mounted on the boom, partly telescoped
■ Large high pressure rinsing reel On the Sets for high-pressure hose DN 19, DN 25, DN 32, DN 38, up to 360 m, in special order up to 500 m
■ Small high-pressure rinsing reel hydraulically or manually, designed for 40 to 120 m high pressure hose DN 13

■ Toolboxes or hose troughs, left and right of assembly, made of aluminum or stainless steel sheet
■ Additional toolbox
■ high-pressure / Sewer
■ Low alarm
■ Draining Residual Water
■ spray gun / spray lance
■ Remote Control
■ Halogen work lights
■ air compressor
■ central operating platform in stainless steel housing
■ etc.

■ hydraulic winch
■ Rear View Camera
■ Meterzähleinrichtung
■ heated wardrobe
■ Fully enclosed
■ Hand wash cold water or cold / hot water
■ Winter Heating
■ Anti-aerosol
■ nozzle set
■ etc.