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Customer Service - Repair - Parts Logistics

Only an operable vehicle ensures sales and revenues, downtime cost money and this should be kept as low as possible. As our customers' partner of after-sales service area can minimize the downtime of vehicles for maintenance and repair considerably. Highest customer orientation in the form of economic service awareness, that is the fastest possible assistance in ways cost-benefit.

We are there when the customer needs us

Customer satisfaction is the top priority of our after-sales staff. Partnership and trust characterize the daily schedule. Goodwill where it is appropriate and ensuring where accordance with the Treaty. The immediate processing and daily accessibility in Wesel from 06.30 to at least 17.00, on Saturdays 7:00 to 11:00 a.m., are of special service to the customer.
A 24-hour emergency service and mobile use at home and abroad ensure shortest downtime for our customers. An extensive stock of spare parts is a guarantee for a reliable and quick supply of spare parts.

Speed, punctuality, reliability

In KROLL Service is always been large. For profitability, functionality and safety of commercial vehicles is closely linked to the quality of services. When KROLL vehicle construction Umwelttechnik GmbH in Wesel you get in terms of speed, punctuality and reliability of the service that you expect: economically, professionally and without compromise.

Repair with the know-how of the manufacturer

In the vehicle repair maintenance and repair work own and other products are carried out. The experience of 5 decades vehicle connected to the latest tools, test stands and diagnostic equipment allow us to perform all the work, as well as the legally required inspections.


■ Warranty terms
■ service
■ maintenance
■ 24-hour emergency
■ Telephone advice
■ Repairs and repair of ROJET- and KROLL vehicles
■ repairs and maintenance of other brands
■ vacuum and high-pressure pump repairs
■ accident repairs
■ General repair
■ Implementation of containers on new chassis
■ Production of new vehicle superstructures using old parts
■ expert opinion
■ Any vehicle inspections by TÜV, DEKRA etc
■ ADR / GGVS-acceptance
■ declines to UVV
■ electronic, hydraulic and Pneumatkarbeiten
■ staff training
■ Spare Parts Sales
■ Accessories Sale
■ Custom