Suction flushing vehicles

An efficiency hard to beat - suction flushing vehicles (with / without ADR approval)

From the hydrodynamic pipe and sewer cleaning, up to waterbased milling work, the number and scope of applications of our suction flushers knows no boundaries.

Our standardized and universal reel systems make daily work with KROLL vehicles a breeze. Logical structure of control and the appropriate monitoring via modern CAN bus technology avoid many operator errors and increase worker comfort. With optional equipment such as our electronic sink documentation and automated sewer cleaning does the work on the canal effectively.

Simultaneous boom leads suction and high-pressure hose in parallel with powerful add-on drives


  • 5.200 mm left
  • 3.160 mm right
  • Telescopic boom swivels 180 ° together or independently with the HP reel from
  • Workspace:
    • 4.600 mm left
    • 2.680 mm right
  • Boom swivel 180 ° together with the HP reel