Made by KROLL – from planning through installation to professional delivery

The entire value creation process from planning to completion takes place in our factories in Germany.



After planning and work preparation, the prefabrication of the components required are in our modern Beriebsstätten. Detailed design and prefabrication are the basic requirements for a subsequent smooth assembly sequence. Thanks to standardization and precise prefabrication, we can significantly reduce the subsequent construction or installation time of vehicles and so lower costs significantly. This prefabrication under optimum conditions is the basis for a high quality end product.


Container construction

Suitable technology and experienced staff are a prerequisite for an efficient production and guarantee consistent high quality - also in detail. We manufacture all vacuum-container and non-pressure vessels in all weldable steels and stainless steel, with works or TÜV approval and all necessary documents exclusively for Eigenbarf. The technical equipment with fully and semi automatic rounding-, trimming- and welding -equipment speaks for itself. In addition to automated round-seam and longitudinal seam welding systems for perfect welds experienced welders ensure high flexibility in the production of our vacuum-operated tank.


Mountig and final assembly large vehicles

Hardly a vehicle similar to the others. The individuality of the vehicles requires maximum flexibility of vehicle assembly. She is flexible and order controlled by the respective customer's specification. Installation is away in autonomous working groups on all trades.
After the installation of all essential accessory components together with the customer there is a carcass work acceptance. Following the dismantling of all structural components, which are then coated individually in our company-owned, modern sandblasting and painting center takes place. The subsequent final assembly of the vehicle body is carried out separately from the assembly stations to our high requirement on the final finish of vehicle bodies to meet. After installation of electrical, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic plant is an internal test run and test all installed systems through their paces, to be handed over the vehicle to our customers. A detailed operator training in the operation of the structure is self-evident.