History Hellmers GmbH Fahrzeugbau



The interesting history of our company begins as by "Hans Barthold Hellmers" a wheelwright was founded.


There is entry in the Hamburg State Archive as Herm. J. Hellmers wagon, Pferdegeschirr- and saddle factory.


Shortly before the turn of the century Paul Hermann Adolph Hellmers specializes in the manufacture of snow plows, sweepers and Sprinklers.


In Hamburg Billbrookdeich we acquired a site and expanded as the site for the concentrated now in the production of suction-irrigation and sewer cleaning vehicles business.


The first "Combined high pressure flusher and suction vehicle - the combination" leaves the premises.


Construction of the first "Allstrahl" - a vehicle body of the fitted only with a high-pressure pump, both as flushing - via a venturi system - allows the extraction of channels.


The company name is now: Herm. J. Hellmers GmbH Fahrzeugwerk


The first "Water Master" goes into operation, this is an evolution of the high-pressure washing and Saugfahrzeuges - but with additional continuous wastewater treatment.


For the mobile separation of oil-water mixtures is the first "oil master" developed and produced.


After the reunification of the Herm counts. J. Hellmers GmbH develop the first company in Hamburg which concrete initiatives in the new federal states. This leads to the acquisition of a further production site in Wittstock in Brandenburg and a service site with "mobile customer service" in Dresden in Saxony.


For resource and maintenance-free reliable odor control in the exhaust air of the vacuum system is the "HellmOX system" developed.


Our first drainage container system - short "ECS" - the mobile sludge dewatering is passed to the customer.


Because of better conditions and opportunities for development, the production of vehicle bodies exclusively in Wittstock done. The company now operates as HELLMERS GMBH Vehicle


In June 2005 KROLL Fahrzeugbau-Umwelttechnik GmbH acquires from Wesel 100% of the shares of Hellmers GmbH Fahrzeugbau. Both companies will offer their product ranges using potential synergies on the national and international market.